Rosehip Oil And Rosacea

Can Rosehip Oil Help Rosacea?

question signThis is one question so many people seeking a remedy to their skin problem and know about Rosehip Oil ask a lot. To some great extent, rosehip is considered as one of the most reliable skin problem remedies there is. So the answer to the above question is yes.

Before delving deeper into understanding Rosehip oil, its properties and its importance, it is important that you first understand what the condition Rosacea is. Rosacea is a condition that affects facial skin and is usually ongoing. It basically is characterized by redness that often comes and goes. Continue reading

Is A Burning Sensation A Symptom Of Rosacea?

RosaceaRosacea, a common skin condition which affects mainly the face, and causes spots and redness, comes with a variety of symptoms. These include flushing, visible blood vessels, persistent redness of the facial skin, and skin sensitivity.

The sensitivity of the skin includes burning, stinging, pain and itching. In more serious cases, the condition can result in swelling of the face, also known as lymphoedema, and thickening of the skin. Continue reading

Self Care Strategies For Rosacea

RosaceaRosacea can make you feel very self conscious.  It makes your face red and irritated and sometimes even your eyes are affected. If you don’t do anything to treat your rosacea.

It can eventually progress to blindness, so it is important to take care of it. Thankfully, there are plenty of treatments you can do at home to minimize the disease. Read on to learn more about how you can treat rosacea at home. Continue reading

Rosacea Facts: Is Microdermabrasion Bad for Rosacea?

rosaceaMany people have rosacea, a chronic condition wherein certain areas in your face experience redness and pimples. Even though it might not be life threatening, getting rosacea can affect a person’s self-esteem.

In fact, there are those who are barely go out because they are embarrassed because of their appearance. Rosacea affects people of all ages, young or old. Men can also get this condition, but women are more prone to it.

Hence, it is no longer surprising that millions of people suffer from it. Some of the most common questions regarding rosacea include: How can you develop this condition? What are its causes? Are there any known cures for this? Continue reading